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: 관리자 : 2020-05-22

[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - May.22

Mobility service operator SoCar demonstrates autonomous shuttle service

SoCar said in a statement that the self-driving shuttle service began on Monday to carry customers from an airport in Jeju to the company's rental car parking lot. Unlike other autonomous shuttle services being tested on roads at night time to avoid heavy traffic, SoCar launched a service of day and night to cover a route of about five kilometers (3.1 miles).


The autonomous vehicle based on Hyundai's full-electric vehicle Ioniq uses technologies developed by RideFlux, an autonomous driving technology company based in Jeju. The shuttle is embedded with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that allows the vehicle to plan its course on the streets while recognizing other on-road traffic.


The shuttle can carry two passengers at a time and a SoCar employee will be at the driver's seat to avoid accidents and other unexpected safety-related situations. RideFLux has tested autonomous vehicles on the roads of Jeju since 2018.

*Source : Aju Business Daily (20/05/19)

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