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: 관리자 : 2019-06-17

[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - Jun. 17

SKT to develop 6G network tech with Nokia, Ericsson 

SK Telecom said Sunday it will develop the sixth-generation network technology with Nokia and Ericsson, as the Korean government seeks to enhance economic ties with Nordic countries.  

SKT signed memorandums of understanding for research and development cooperation with the two companies based in Finland and Sweden. The agreement with Nokia and Ericson was made on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, at their headquarters.  

While there are still no technological standards for what constitutes a 6G network, and its preceding 5G network is only available in a few countries, the bilateral cooperation will help us take a lead in the competitive tech industry, SKT noted.  

Given the Nordic countries’ edge in technology and environment sector, the government has pledged to launch various joint initiatives by designating Sweden as a hub for multilateral cooperation. 

By establishing a scientific research center in Stockholm, the Ministry of Science and ICT said it will begin an academic exchange program with the Nobel Foundation, starting with an academic conference in Seoul next March.  

[Source : The Korea Herald]

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