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: 관리자 : 2019-06-10

[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - Jun. 10

SK Telecom to Join Forces with Samsung Electronics and Cisco in 5G-Based Smart Office Business

SK Telecom will team up with Samsung Electronics and Cisco to promote the 5G-based smart office business.

The three companies concluded a 5G smart office business agreement at SK Telecom’s main office building in Seoul on June 5. Under the agreement, the three companies will jointly carry out marketing activities by developing packages that combine their services and products.

SK Telecom will help companies enhance their work efficiency by providing mobile-based video conferencing solutions and cloud-based virtual work space dedicated to teams. SK Telecom will provide 5G infrastructure, smart office solutions, cloud computing and enterprise mobile telephone services, while Samsung Electronics will offer terminals, the KNOX security solution and the desktop experience (DeX) solution. Cisco will provide collaboration and network security solutions. Furthermore, SK Telecom will integrate smart office technology with mobile edge computing (MEC) and big data-based office operating system.

[Source : Business Korea]

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