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: 관리자 : 2019-05-24

[Press] Korea Smart Cities Daily News Clipping - May 24

Seoul to become first global city to use 5G network in public transit 

South Korea’s biggest mobile carrier SK Telecom and Seoul City government said Thursday they have agreed to develop 5G-based maps for self-driving. By the second half of this year, 1,700 vehicles will be used to create a map by providing real-time updates of the traffic system, they said.

The agreement is expected to help Korea gain an edge in 5G technology and autonomous driving. Officials said if the plan is implemented as scheduled, Seoul would become the first global city to use the 5G network for public transportation. 

To make the map with “centimeter-level” accuracy, the Seoul city government will deploy 1700 buses and taxies on the roads later this year. Equipped with “Advanced Driver Assistance System,” the selected public transport systems can update traffic information in real time. 

Unlike the previous Global Positioning System, ADAS allows drivers to “communicate” with other vehicles and objects on the roads, SKT said. It can help drivers commute safely by detecting potential hazards and warnings using such information automatically.  

[Source : The Korea Herald]

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